Updated May 7th, 2023, from Seattle, Washington, United States.

  1. Project-wise: I am learning JAX and Flax for some personal projects related with NLP and CV. The projects on my list are related with VQ-VAE, LoRA, GPT-4, Stable Diffusion, RLHF. What a fascinating period for deep learning :)
  2. Reading-wise: I am reading How to take smart notes and Tools of Titans. I am also digesting my notes on Think like a monk, Never split the difference and How will you measure your life. You can find my activities on my Goodreads page.
  3. Career-wise: I am working on a problem related with finding the mostly likely broken test from a huge set of test range without running them. Compared with the Kaggle problem I worked on before, data is the main issue here. And I am trying to find ways to work on things related with LLM since my interest lies there.
  4. Climbing-wise: I did steroid injection two weeks ago (April 26th) for my right wrist TFCC injury and right middle finger PIP tenosynovitis. I made that decision because I have had them more than half year and active rehab doesn’t seem to help much. Some paper suggest the injection approach (Reference 1, 2 and 3), so I decided to give a try, bearing in mind that it might make it easier to injure in the future. Luckily, I got much better afterwards. No pain on my middle finger anymore. Still a bit pain when rotating my right wrist, but much better than before. Still in observation mode and slowly increase the climbing volume to let the body adapt. I climb on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday on Edgework Seattle or Seattle Bouldering Project at Fremont. I follow No Hang Training plan on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I follow TRX Core Training plan on Monday and Thursday. I am planning a bouldering trip for Juneteeth (June 17 - June 19) around Seattle, hopefully my wrist and finger can fully recover by that time.
  5. Diet-wise: I am following vegetarian diet but recently considering switch some days back to meat because I find myself a bit hard to digest plant-based protein, which causes bloating. I am also considering following intermittent fasting 16-8, from 8:30AM to 4:30PM. Mostly for my mental clarity and sleep quality reason, nothing related with losing weight.
  6. Life-wise: planning a trip to Olympic national park on Memorial Day (May 27 - May 29) and a trip back to China from June 30 to August 5. It has been 3.5 years since last time I saw my parents in person. I miss them.

Insipred by Derek Sivers’s /now page.